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Many citizen groups can benefit greatly from training with DigiRehab. DigiRehab is particularly suitable for all home help recipients who do not receive training or rehabilitation in advance. It is typically approx. 60 pct. of current citizens in home care.

For those who are relatively strong in the first place, the training can reduce the need for help and postpone the time when the physique decays . In those citizens who are already very weak, the training increases the quality of life and has a preventive effect for further weakening.

Civic groups that particularly benefit from DigiRehab

• Elderly people who just receive home help.

• Elderly people who are to be provided with rehabilitation in accordance with Section 83a of the Service Act.

• Elderly people who are to be offered training in accordance with the Service Act, section 86, subsection 2, including fall prevention.

• Elderly people who, after a rehabilitation course according to section 140, are still weakened or have a reduced ability to function.

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