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With DigiRehab’s unique statistics and analysis function, the management of elderly care gets a clear overview of how the rehabilitation efforts in the municipality are progressing.

DigiRehab’s intelligent use of data ensures a real-time update on the state of training and functioning both in the individual citizen, in specific areas and in the entire citizen group.

This ensures that the effect of the training can be quickly and consistently translated into adjustments in the benefits to the individual citizens as soon as it is relevant.

The feature also reveals very quickly if a training effort does not make sense and should be stopped. Thus, no citizen will train in vain.

The system can be set up with automatic alerts to relevant people.

DigiRehab’s intelligent use of data provides i.a. clarity:

• How many elderly citizens in the municipality train regularly?

• What is the effect of the training in relation to the need for help?

• When is it time to adjust the need for help or re-visitation?

• Are there older people who train without effect and should have another offer?

• Are there older people who have a decline in functioning that can be treated in the bud?

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